Benefits of Playtime

Play is life for babies, toddlers and children. It is through play that all essential elements of your little one's growth are fine tuned. From building self confidence, listening skills to building muscle mass, it is one of the most fundamental ingredients to healthy development.

Play Creates Emotional Security
Whether you are reading to your little one, singing a song or just cuddling, parent-baby interaction is fundamental to your baby's sense of safety and security.

Play Enriches Emotions
When you are playing with your baby, express your silly side by blowing bubbles and allowing them to do the same. Express how you feel by words such as "happy", "sad", "angry" so that your baby also starts to understand how to express their emotions.

Play Engages The Senses
Your baby's senses help him better connect with the world around him. For your little one under one year old, indulge him in some singing and sound activities as sound is one of the first senses to develop. For over a year old, engage in some sensory play with playdough.

Play Fuels Physical Growth
Turn off all the screens in the house and get moving with your little one. Climbing, crawling, pushing, pulling, and other play-related movements improve agility and dexterity.

Play Builds Self Confidence
Just as adults enjoy the feeling of achievement when completing a complex task, your baby will get great satisfaction from being able to roll his ball to you or reach out to catch his rattle. All helping him to build his self-assurance and confidence.

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