0-2 Weeks Sleep - What To Expect At This Stage

There is nothing quite like having a new-born to understand the true meaning of being exhausted. In the first few days, your hormones will carry you through the tiredness but after a few days the exhaustion sets in and the realization that you are not about to get much sleep anytime soon can be quite daunting.

In the early days, it is really about adjusting to your newborn's needs. Your baby needs to wake up frequently even through the night as he needs this to survive. The early days are all about meeting your baby's nutritional and sensory needs. You can worry about the routines later on.

Initially, your new-born might have day and night muddled, literally keeping you up all night, which is completely normal.

Do not expect your newborn to sleep through the night as their little tummy needs to be fed frequently.

Make sure you sleep during the day when your baby sleeps, so that you are not totally exhausted.

In the first 2 weeks, during the day, your baby needs to be settled to sleep after 40-60 minutes of awake time to avoid becoming over stimulated and fussy. (The Baby Sense Secret, Megan Faure)

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