A Little Bit about The Happy Brand

Hello to all our wonderful moms, dads, babies and toddlers.

Firstly, let me introduce myself.

I am Burçak, founder and all round doer at The Happy Brand.

And I also have an amazing partner Roxy, who is our co-founder and all round doer.

I can't say what we specify in as all small businesses would know, we kind of do anything and everything to keep this incredible South African brand going.

Our journey started during lockdown in 2020, when we got together talking about the sleep patterns of our little ones. We realized that we shared a common passion about attachment parenting and bed sharing with our babies. We both loved being close to our little ones but most importantly we wanted our sleep.

Hence, what the business was formerly knows as "Happy Toddler Beds" was born.

The ultimate goal of Happy Toddler Beds was to provide a local sleep concept online store with the aim of providing sleep products to improve sleep for baby, mom and the entire family.

As part of this, we developed our Innovative Jazz Cot / Co-Sleeper and Lia Toddler Bed / Co-Sleeper. These two revolutionary baby beds can assist in sleep by letting mom convert the beds to whatever configuration necessary to assist with sleep.

We then spent a long time expanding our Sleep Store with more sleep products.

However, we always had a vision to grow our business and offer a full range of baby products and services to our customers.

With this thought in mind, we Re-Branded the business to "The Happy Brand" end of 2021.

Now, we offer various new product and service offerings being "Happy Sleep", "Happy Play", "Happy Decor", "Happy Mom" and we will continue to grow in the months to come.

We are so excited about our new look & feel, our new vibrant brand.

Thank you for joining into our community.

Lots of love and Hugs


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It’s a lovely brand and great products. Your site is easy to navigate and just looking at it makes me happy. All the best

Burcu March 24, 2022

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