My son, Luka Can, never liked sleeping in a cot, since the day he was born. Every time he realised that he was in his cot, he would start crying. I was breastfeeding exclusively on demand so before we knew it he was in the bed with us.

Every night, we would put him to sleep lying next to us, and then transfer him into his cot to sleep. He would sleep until about 1:00 a.m. then wake up because he wanted to come and sleep cuddling with mum and dad in our bed. As parents, we have never believed in letting your child cry themselves to sleep so we picked him up every time.

Eventually, the family bed started getting too small for all of us and we were all not getting any sleep. This is when we thought of building a toddler co-sleeper bed for our son. I was not sure about this additional extension to our bedroom but our son started sleeping through the night from the first night we put him in this co-sleeper.

Since then, we have never had to get up from our bed in the middle of the night to attend to him. We have our space back in our bed. Our son is happy, sleeping and we are all happy as a family. All our family and friends thought this was a great idea.

Hence, Happy Toddler Beds was started.

Since the inception, our business has grown and now re-shaping into providing all the necessary sleep items that parents and children will need with the ultimate aim of improving sleep through the night for the entire family.

All our beds are convertible and provide everything that a mom & baby will need from new born to 7 years of age. We have just launched our on-line store with the aim of providing all the necessary products to assist the entire family getting a good night's sleep.