Sera Compactum - Winter Sale - 10% Off

R 6,299.10 R 6,999

Designed with the same unique aesthetics of our Jazz Cot and Lia Toddler Bed, Sera Compactum is the perfect addition to your nursery.

It has been designed to ease nappy changing times for mom and baby. With enough depth, moms will now be able to change baby's nappy comfortably. The spacious shelves will provide more than enough space to fit all of the baby's clothes, nappies and bath products.

It is also a piece of timeless furniture in your house, it can be used as a cupboard anywhere around the house.

Dimensions: H:975mm, W:850mm D:700mm

* This is a pre-order, so please allow 6-8 weeks from the date of confirmation of payment for delivery.

Burçak: +27 82 9557658

Roxy: +27 72 1048772


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