Gogga (Insect) Hotel Kit

R 499

A "gogga" is an informal South African name for an insect or creepy crawly.

Every garden needs a Gogga (Insect) Hotel to attract beneficial "goggas" that pollinate your flowers and veggies!

What's included?

Instructions, 2 sides, back piece, front piece, base, shelf, 10 screws, 10 wooden dowels, 1 nail in anchor, hammer, allen key, sandpaper, plant pot and tray bundle of reeds.

Please note, plant and soil are not included.

Suitable for age 5+.

Finished product dimensions: 23 x 15,8 x 14cm

Sustainability is important to us. This product is made locally from untreated timber that is sourced from sustainable forests. 

Our DIY kits are fun & tactile activities, designed to promote early childhood development and three-dimensional thinking. 

All wooden parts are lightly sanded. We encourage children to explore and learn as much as possible when building their own kits, from hammering to sanding, it is all part of the fun!

Kindly note our products are child-friendly, but we do recommend adult supervision during assembly. 

Burçak: +27 82 9557658

Roxy: +27 72 1048772


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