The “Happy” Online Store is a brainchild of the original “Happy Toddler Beds” where the main goal was to provide the best quality baby/toddler sleep products in order to assist in getting optimal sleep for mom and baby through the night.

In continuation with this goal in mind, we have Re-Branded to The “Happy” Brand in order to expand our product offerings for Baby, Toddler as well as Mom. Our goal for The “Happy” Brand is to offer products that will provide lasting value and happiness to our babies, toddlers and moms. Each product is carefully selected to meet this goal in mind.

The newly launched “Happy” Brand will have the following product categories; Happy Sleep, Happy Play, Happy Mom, Happy Décor and we will continue to expand these in the upcoming months.

Our signature products for the “Happy Sleep” Section will continue to be our gorgeous baby / toddler co-sleeper which is guaranteed to improve your and your toddler's sleep through the night.

We are so excited for the new journey ahead and will provide the most beautiful products for our loyal customers.

Welcome to The “HAPPY” Online Store!