Harmony Honey Play Mat

R 1,699
Our Scandi yellow play mat is the perfect lift of colour against light or dark decor. It pops and brightens your space and makes you happy. The warm tones are inviting and the minimalist pattern is designed to blend in seamlessly into any space. Seamlessly designed to look like a beautiful rug, your ARK play mat is the best surface for naps, playtime, tumbles, cuddles, spills, milestone development and everything in between.

*Colour may vary slightly depending on what screen you are using.
  • Each tile is 62cm x 62cm and 1.2cm thick
  • The standard assembled size of one play mat is 124cm x 174cm
  • Lightweight 2.4kg
  • All ages 0+
  • Non-toxic EVA foam — BPA, lead, + phthalate-free
  • Rigorously tested, exceeding EU and US safety standards
  • Non-slip and shock-absorbent
  • Anti-bacterial, odourless
  • Promotes milestone development
  • Expandable, seamless design
  • Water-resistant, anti-slip, wipe clean
  • Yoga-friendly
  • Important: while your mat is a safe protective surface, never leave babies unattended. Adult supervision is always recommended.

Size guide:
Our ARK play mats are comprised of 6 premium quality EVA foam puzzle or jigsaw tiles which each include edging bonders for a truly rug-like look.
Join 2 or more play mat sets together to fit your play space perfectly, ensuring a safe, comfortable space for your baby to grow and learn.

Pop it together or pack it up and take it with you, your ARK play mat puzzle is a cinch to assemble and disassemble. Below is a quick step by step guide, but for more detailed videos and steps, please visit our ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS page.
Remove plastic and lay tiles on the floor, pattern up. Round corners situated top left. You will have 3 tiles facing up and 3 facing down.

Take the bottom 3 tiles (facing down) and flip over, mirroring the pattern on the top 3 tiles. Join the top 2 tiles making sure the pattern matches up. Set aside and join the next middle 2 and then the last bottom 2.

Next, arrange the 3 sets of tiles so the bottom 2 sets’ round corner sides are facing down. Connect the top 2 sets together, you will now have a perfect 4 tile, square mat. To connect the bottom set, remove the tile edges at the bottom and the 1 edge that has a corner. Connect the bottom set and then connect the straight edge piece to the side. You will have 2 corner pieces left over as spares.

Want a bigger play mat?
Simply join two or more sets of foam play mats together and go as large as you like.

General Care:
It's so easy to care for your ARK play mat that it's hard to remember what life was like without one! ARK playmats are designed to make cleaning up oopsies and spills a breeze. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth dipped in mild soapy water or a bit of vinegar and let it dry—done!

ARK play mats welcome adults walking, kneeling, and interacting on them. But please avoid the pressure of sharp objects like heeled shoes or heavy objects like adult chairs or gym equipment. They’re likely to puncture the foam or leave a permanent indent.

Pets claws may scratch the print.

As thrilled as we are with how beautiful our mat designs are, we also pride ourselves on their quality and durability. However, for health and safety please discard the mat or replace any tiles at the first signs of damage.

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