Bed Time Story Books | Sophia The Squirrel

R 150

Sofia is a little squirrel whose anxiety sometimes gets the better of her. When she hears a scary noise outside, she doesn’t know what to do! See how Sofia faces her fear and shows us what a brave squirrel she really is.

‘Sofia the squirrel was climbing in bed,
When a strange noise outside filled her with dread.
She turned cold and sweaty, her heart filled with fear.
She hid under the bed, hands over her ears.’

My Feeling Friends stories assist children in managing big emotions & encourages empathy for others. Each story presents an emotion for your child to learn about including self-regulation techniques, visualisation, body movements and positive affirmations to boost your child’s self-esteem.

Bedtime story reading can be some of the best times that you can spend with your little ones to connect. 

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